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We understand technology...

We have built many websites at scale with our clients. We are just as invested as you in ensuring longevity of your success for the near and long-term future, putting your business at the heart of everything we build.

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...and are invested into your success through our partnership

Your requirements will change as your business grows. We want to be known as the strategic provider you will depend on as you extend and augment your business over time.

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Why choose us?

Here are are some of the reasons why we believe we are uniquely positioned compared to other website builders in the market.

Develop at speed

We understand the importance of having a website up and running so you can focus on what's important to you - your customers.

Reliable support

Managing a website should be hassle-free. Any changes made to our clients website undergo a quality check to ensure it passes a set of comprehensive standards.

No bells and whistles

Many website builders upsell plugins or functionality you won't actually need or use. We believe in being transparent to support local businesses.

Built to last

We know a website is an important channel to bring in existing and new business. Our solutions are pragmatic, ensuring you get value from your technology investments.

Without doubt, Dimension Lab are one of the most talented website developers out there. I always go back to them when I'm out of my depth and they've never failed to deliver what I ask for. Smart, trustworthy and professional. You won't be disappointed.

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